Sell more by selling earlier

Our sell earlier platform takes the headache out of pre-order operations – so that modern eCommerce can always be selling.

Page showing how many pre-orders have been purchasedPage showing how many pre-orders have been purchasedPage showing the shipping progress of your productFTC compliance dashboard
Page showing how many pre-orders have been purchased

Pre-orders made easy

Our platform solves the #1 issue we hear from eCommerce brands when scaling pre-orders: Warehouse and 3PL compatibility.  

Purple Dot holds pre-orders outside your downstream systems until stock arrives – avoiding warehouse confusion. 

And with deep configurations, you can handle things like splitting mixed ship date orders and automated workflows to ensure you are never oversold.

Page showing the shipping progress of your product

Trusted by your customers

Pre-orders can get a bad reputation with shoppers – resulting in low conversion and increased customer service calls. With Purple Dot, we build trust in your pre-order experience with a clear UX, dedicated post-purchase emails, and a self-service portal for your customers to check and amend their pre-order – so they always feel they are in the loop

Full FTC Compliance

When charging upfront for pre-orders, you need to tick all the regulatory boxes. Purple Dot does this for you by ring fencing sales until the pre-order ships, and ensuring all the necessary customer communications and cancellation rights when charging upfront for their pre-order. This gives you full confidence in paid customer demand while ensuring compliance doesn’t hold you back from converting sales.

How it works

Use cases

We’ve got all the gritty pre-order details – handled

Sell earlier, sell more

Up to


sell-through before stock arrives

Up to


increase in overall sell-through

Up to


reduction in returns

Trusted by modern eComm companies

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Get set up fast with our Shopify App

  • Perfect for merchants with a 3PL that supports Shopify's On Hold status and mixed fulfillment. Unsure? Ask Us.
  • 100% Pay Later: Customer card vaulted on checkout + charged when ready to ship
  • With Pay Later and charging on ship, it's easy to stay compliant with FTC guidelines on pre-orders
  • High-quality, out of the box customer comms and self-service tools

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