Sell More by Selling Earlier

Our pre-sell Waitlist platform takes the headache out of pre-orders and out-of-stock management – so that eCommerce can always be selling.

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Waitlists help you sell more, earlier

Our Waitlists easily enable you to sell earlier – before stock is in the warehouse. Whether your PO is delayed or you want to convert hyped demand, you can launch your drops and collections on time and smash targets by accessing sales earlier.

And the best part? Our solution keeps pre-orders outside your eComm platform until stock arrives, avoiding warehouse meltdowns.

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Use predictive analytics to drive future buys

Our predictive analytics easily breaks-down how accurately your buy matched demand. See how much more (or less) you could have bought all the way down to the SKU level, and use this data to order smarter next time – or even adjust your POs on the fly.

Build shopper trust and loyalty

Pre-orders often have a bad rep amongst shoppers – resulting in low conversion, increased customer service calls and below average NPS. Our Purple Dot Waitlists build trust by providing a tried-and-tested, high converting UX and dedicated email flow as well as a self-service cancellation portal – helping our partners achieve up to 97% sell-through before stock arrives, and a 40% reduction in returns.

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How to use Waitlists for:

Pre-Order Waitlists

Easily sell new product lines before you’re ready to fulfil: Our platform integrates seamlessly with your frontend store with a high-converting pre-order plug-in, as well as pre-order management for your internal teams until stock arrives.

We hold your pre-orders outside of your downstream systems until you’re ready to fulfill, avoiding warehouse meltdowns. When your stock arrives, these pre-orders are pushed as normal orders into your existing eComm platform – and can be batched to smooth the fulfillment process.

Learn how leading menswear DTC brand SPOKE London achieved a 4x increase in pre-order sell-through.

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“Purple Dot has opened up a significant new revenue line for us. Our first presale drop with Purple Dot beat all expectations. Selling 8 weeks ahead of having the product we achieved a sell through 400% higher than we predicted.”

Adam Woodhouse

Adam Woodhouse


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Easy integrations for your tech stack

“Purple Dot was easy to integrate for both our front and backend. We couldn’t find anything in the market that came close. We often talk about how easy it is to get things done with PD and how clear the communication is.”

Sam Mountford

Sam Mountford

VP Engineering, SPOKE

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