How Spoke uses Purple Dot to Increase Sell-Through

Our brand customers continue to inspire us in how they leverage sell earlier strategies to drive growth for their business. Learn more about their experience using Purple Dot for pre-order operations.


Enable SPOKE to easily sell products before they are in the warehouse by offering customers a clear way to pre-order and an operationally easy internal process.


SPOKE London is a leading, well-designed menswear direct-to-consumer brand. Having tried pre-orders before as a way to convert demand for products sooner, they quickly realized that they needed more than a simple “pre-order” label on their product pages for their ambitious pre-order strategy to be scalable and successful.

Purple Dot has opened up a significant new revenue line for us. Our first presale drop with Purple Dot beat all expectations. Selling 8 weeks ahead of having the product meant we achieved a sell through 400% higher than we predicted. We’ve been working to improve our understanding of demand but couldn’t entirely crack it. And now with Purple Dot’s pre-order platform, we can establish new product lines, see the demand and capitalize on it, all before we even have the product.

Adam Woodhouse


The Solution

SPOKE turned to Purple Dot and used their sell earlier platform to manage pre-order launches end-to-end, allowing SPOKE to easily sell products before they were in the warehouse.

Seamlessly integrated into SPOKE product pages, Purple Dot enabled a clear pre-order experience for the customer with a dedicated checkout flow, email comms, and self-service tools – as well as holding pre-orders outside their downstream systems to cut down on operational issues.

In addition, the predictive analytics helped SPOKE get sell-through data and forecasting earlier than ever before to inform SPOKE’s future buys.

When you fully consider the functionality of pre-orders, there’s a lot of things to think about! Checkout optimization, CRM flows, stock management. Purple Dot has managed to pull it off! It’s simple to integrate and delivers a ton of value to our customers.

Ramzi Hajaj

Head of Product, SPOKE

The results

The Purple Dot solution beat all expectations, enabling a 97% pre-orderssell-through in 24 hours, blasting through SPOKE’s 25% target based on previous pre-order experience. Even with an 8-week pre-order lead time for customers, SPOKE not only sold more than expected, but their pre-order strategy and analytics reduced their risk of carrying unsold inventory into their in-season buy. Purple Dot’s platform proved so successful that SPOKE expanded the solution to include replenish management. Now customers are never shown out of stock on evergreen products, and instead are given the option to pre-order onto a P.O. that is in motion.

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Selling earlier can transform your business. A pre-order strategy gives brands the selling flexibility they need to accelerate sales, never truly go out of stock, and optimize costs. We’re here to partner with you to help make your pre-order operations a strategic pillar towards your growth. Reach out to

We expanded our use of Purple Dot to never go out of stock of our evergreen items, providing a much-improved experience for our customers and enabling us never to miss out on a sale because we are out of stock. It’s completely changed the way we think about both newness and stock levels.

Sallie Petfield

Head of Buying and Merchandising, SPOKE

We tried pre-orders before, without success, realising that just putting a pre-order label on a product is not enough. Purple Dot was easy to integrate for both our front and backend. We couldn’t find anything in the market that came close. Working with the team has been delightful. We often talk about how easy it is to get things done with PD and how clear the communication is.

Sam Mountfound

VP Engineering, SPOKE

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