Find out how Purple Dot can help you sell earlier

We live and breathe pre-orders. No matter whether you're just getting going with a sell earlier strategy, or you have a mountain of pre-order operations to unpick, book a call to chat more.

Purple Dot has opened up a significant new revenue line for us. Our first presale drop with Purple Dot beat all expectations. Selling 8 weeks ahead of having the product meant we achieved a sell through 400% higher than we predicted. We’ve been working to improve our understanding of demand but couldn’t entirely crack it. And now with Purple Dot’s waitlisting platform, we can establish new product lines, see the demand and capitalise on it, all before we even have the product.

Adam Woodhouse


When we were out-of-stock, we used to have to turn customers away. We’d capture their email addresses but trying to get them back once we re-stocked was a pain. Now, our customers can pre-order onto our re-stock, and buy right then and there. This provides a smoother experience for our customers and an opportunity for us to get more sales, sooner.

Edward Page

CEO, Pocket Sport