How LØCI uses Purple Dot to convert hype and never miss a sale

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Convert demand for hyped out-of-stock products by offering a seamless way for merchants to continue selling.


LØCI is a sustainable DTC vegan footwear brand which produces sneakers made from recycled ocean plastic. They’ve rapidly gained success as an ethical alternative to incumbent competitors, and LØCI has been spotted on several celebrities including Olivia Wilde, Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Smith and Mila Kunis. 

With this type of hype and love from fans, they were quickly going out-of-stock of top products. For example, after Kunis was spotted wearing her LØCI Nines, this particular style sold out nearly instantly each time it was restocked – leading to lost sales opportunities.

Having tried pre-orders in-house, LØCI was frustrated with the manual, laborsome process for their operations and CS teams to enable pre-selling. In addition, they felt they were missing the mark on customer experience and knew they needed to improve their pre-order operations – and fast. 

As a rapidly emerging top brand, our first-touch customer experience is very important to us. We knew we needed our pre-order experience to be just as compelling as our in-stock experience

Ross Allsop

Head of Ecommerce, LØCI

The Solution

With Purple Dot’s waitlist solution, LØCI quickly started taking pre-orders for sold out items that already had a restock on the way to the warehouse.

Purple Dot automatically spotted when items were sold out downstream and whether there was stock available to pre-sell, and dynamically flipped these products to pre-order at the per SKU or per variant level. By transacting the customer for their pre-order upfront instead of presenting a “Sold out” message with email capture, LØCI was able to seamlessly continue selling instead of trying to get customers to come back later when back in stock.

And with a clear pre-order UX from the PDP to checkout to the post purchase communications, Purple Dot helped LØCI build trust with shoppers around their pre-order experience, ensuring them that they will be the first to get the popular sneaker.

Hyped demand is a key driver to our sales and merchandising strategy. To leverage this modern approach to eCommerce, we also have to ensure our customers are always given the opportunity to buy. With Purple Dot, we can always be selling.

Ross Allsop

Head of Ecommerce, LØCI

The results

Now, LØCI does not need to worry about their products selling out – especially when the next celebrity is spotted proudly wearing their LØCI sneakers. LØCI customers can always complete their order by joining a pre-order waitlist for their favorite style.

This enables LØCI to convert nearly 90% of sales they would have otherwise missed from being out-of-stock of hot products, and reduces the risk of excess stock if the hype passes by the time stock arrives at the warehouse.

By partnering with Purple Dot, LØCI can provide a great customer pre-order experience out-of-the-box and enable an operationally easy process for their internal teams.

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