How Sachin and Babi optimizes Purchase Orders with Purple Dot

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To reduce waste so that purchase orders always meet demand, and to launch bridesmaid bridal wear as a pre-order only business with 0 unsold inventory.


Sachin and Babi is the destination for occasion dressing, offering extraordinary clothing and accessories with tremendous value. Whether it’s a floor-length sequin skirt that upgrades her outfit or a pair of statement earrings, each piece is artfully designed to dress up her most important moments.

Sachin and Babi wanted to launch a new line of bridesmaid gowns exclusively on pre-order, knowing that their customers would be happy to wait for their high-quality products. They wanted to create a premium customer journey where customers would feel in safe hands every step of the way, even when asking the customer to pay upfront for their pre-order.

Sachin and Babi also needed real-time visibility into the pre-order demand, forecasting, and the size curve to confidently batch orders to the factory at the right time.

We initially began working with Purple Dot specifically to help facilitate the launch of our Bridal Collections, a timelier category. However, we quickly saw how this partnership could augment our sales across our mainline and immediately began implementing ‘Presale’ as a separate initiative in the business to increase sales, forecast products and test category viability. Onboarding Purple Dot was one of the best decisions we have made for our DTC division to date.

Amy Riordan

SVP Ecommerce, Marketing and Global Sales

The Solution

With Purple Dot’s waitlist solution, Sachin and Babi enabled pre-selling as an end-to-end customer experience across their new bridesmaid collection.

The dedicated pre-order UX established transparency with their customers around estimated shipping dates as a range. And with free self-serve cancellation before it ships, Sachin and Babi created a trusted experience where customers were happy to pay upfront – enabling them to convert real commitment before finalizing and placing the purchase order.

And through Purple Dot’s pre-order forecasting technology, the correct size curve for the orders was very easy to send to the factory at the right time.

Evaluating demand has been key to making timely decisions on restock purchases. Reviewing performance on new shapes and sizing on Purple Dot prior to a season launch gave us a better understanding of our customer's needs.

Laura Erazo

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Manager

The results

Sachin and Babi now use pre-orders to make the right amount of every piece of bridal wear. Their pre-order strategy has been so successful that they have extended pre-orders to other gowns, improving the sell through of gowns by up to 50% simply by increasing the length of time the gowns are available to buy to include pre-order and in-stock, and then being able to react to this demand at the factory in real-time.

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