Leveraging inspiration from our time working in eCommerce travel and hospitality, we wanted to bring a first-mover solution to the market that helps retail eCommerce sell flexibly and fluidly – helping the industry not only sell more, but reduce unsold inventory stored in warehouses around the world. 

To date, retail eCommerce has to wait to start selling online until stock arrives at the warehouse. At Purple Dot, we believe eCommerce can be selling earlier too – before stock arrives. And the longer brands can sell, the more they sell.

Our vision

We imagine a world where every eCommerce brand has a sell earlier strategy – to sell more and store less.

Our team

We’re a highly passionate team of second-time founders, builders and operators who love bringing new ideas into the world, and partnering with our customers to deliver a positive impact that matters.

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Charlotte, NC

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London, UK

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