How it works

LEVEL UP HOW you do Pre-orders

Our step-by-step overview shows how Purple Dot makes  pre-order operations easy for you, and trusted by your customers.


Low-touch integration


We integrate with your frontend store and eCommerce system so that Purple Dot can monitor your stock levels downstream, and shoppers can see which products are on pre-order. This integration will give you everything you need to start taking pre-orders.

Time to integrate:
Shopify/Shopify Plus 1-2 days, SFCC 1-2 weeks

Other or Custom, Let's talk

Self-Serve App

If your downstream warehouse, shipping and 3PL providers support Shopify's On Hold status, you may be a good candidate for our self-serve app. Give it a try or contact us to discuss your compatibility.

Time to integrate:
5-10 minutes

Integration options

Set-up a product for pre-order

Self-Serve App

We automatically sync with your product catalog so you can easily select products to put on pre-order. Set the estimated shipping dates and stock levels (or upload your POs) so Purple Dot knows how much is available to pre-sell and can inform customers when it will ship throughout your UX.

Setting up a product with name and image

Start taking pre-orders

Purple Dot constantly monitors your stock levels downstream to know when to dynamically flip your pre-orders on.

Anytime a product has an open Waitlist in Purple Dot and your downstream stock levels are 0 (even down to the variant level), your frontend product page experience switches to pre-order – including a high-converting UX so your customers are fully aware of the pre-order and estimated ship dates.


Pre-orders are transacted (in full or with a deposit) in a fully FTC compliant way and held outside your downstream systems until stock arrives.

Self-Serve App

Pre-orders are created directly in Shopify with the On Hold status. Please check whether your downstream warehouse and 3PL support this status as well as mixed fulfillment. Unsure? Ask us.

Page showing how many pre-orders have been purchased

The waiting period

Self-Serve App

Purple Dot provides everything your customers need to feel in the loop while they wait. This includes a self-serve portal to check on their pre-order, update their shipping address or card details, or cancel and amend their pre-order.

Need to update an estimated shipping date? No problem! You can automatically send a shipping date email update to your customers which ensures you are FTC compliant in the event of a delay.

Page showing the shipping progress of your product

Fulfill your pre-orders

When your stock arrives, Purple Dot automatically converts these pre-orders to normal orders that are ready to fulfill!


Pre-orders are exported as normal orders directly into your downstream systems. Set detailed configuration on how and when your pre-orders are exported, all the way down to advanced mixed cart logic and batching exports.

Self-Serve App

The On Hold status in Shopify changes to Unfulfilled, and your customers are charged to the card provided at checkout.

Page showing the transition from pre-orders to regular orders

Sell more by selling earlier

When you sell earlier, you simply sell more.

  • Hyped drops
  • Never truly go out of stock
  • Modern loyalty strategy
  • Mitigate supply chain risk
  • Understand demand sooner
  • Improve cash flow