How an Organic Farm uses Purple Dot to Increase Average Order Value

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Use the pre-order lead time to upsell customers to easily add items to their existing pre-order.


As our first partner in the food category, Purple Dot proudly works with a rapidly growing farm and butcher out of the United States. Run by a team of over 150-people, this passionate, organic operation shares a dedication to sustainability and their wide range of meat is loved nationwide. The company had overly-constraining experiences with pre-orders in the past and wanted to effectively merchandise to pre-order customers during the waiting period. With Thanksgiving 2022 upcoming, they needed a new, innovative pre-order partner to help maximize the commercial opportunity for one of their biggest holidays.

We had tried pre-orders before, but the process was tedious and inefficient. We knew we were missing a trick to not only provide the best customer experience, but to maximize the business opportunity around pre-orders. Purple Dot helped us capture more pre-order sales than ever before.

Director of Marketing

US Farm & Butchery Company

The Solution

With Purple Dot’s waitlist solution, the company launched pre-orders for their famous Thanksgiving turkeys in 3 different sizes around 8 weeks ahead of Thanksgiving. Purple Dot’s technology transacted the customer upfront for their pre-order so that the company could be confident in the paid demand. Then, around 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, Purple Dot facilitated a series of “Holiday Add-On” emails to pre-order customers that included an easy and clear way to purchase additional items to add to their existing turkey pre-order. With Purple Dot’s platform solution, pre-orders are held outside downstream systems until brands are ready to fulfill, which enabled these customer “Add-Ons” to be automatically consolidated into one order before pushing downstream for fulfillment.

The results

With the upsell emails and flow powered by Purple Dot, the farm and butcher company increased the average order value of their pre-orders by a game-changing 12%. The company leveraged pre-orders to deepen their relationship with customers while they waited, and as a result, nearly 18% of their pre-order customers added at least one additional item to their pre-order after the initial purchase. And thanks to Purple Dot’s platform that holds pre-orders outside downstream systems until brands are ready to fulfill, Purple Dot automatically consolidated these add-ons to the original pre-order. That way, they could be pushed downstream as a single order for the company’s operations to fulfill in one box, at the right time. Purple Dot’s solution is now a core part of the farm and butcher company’s pre-order strategy as an impactful way to never miss an opportunity to sell to customers.

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