How Handful used Purple Dot to Sell During Supply Chain Delays

Our brand customers continue to inspire us in how they leverage sell earlier strategies to drive growth for their business. Learn more about their experience using Purple Dot for pre-order operations.


In the event of supply chain delays, use pre-orders as a way to launch collections on time, and derisk missing sales targets.


Handful is a thriving direct-to-consumer business with a mission to create the most comfortable and versatile activewear to outfit women to feel confident, empowered, and supported. Run by four women who share a passion for supporting women everywhere to live life to the fullest, they take special care for the 1 in 8 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Handful had frustrating experiences with pre-order plugins in the past, which led to warehouse meltdowns and poor customer experience. When their Summer ‘21 collection was delayed in transit, they needed a true pre-order partner to help launch their collection on time so they could start selling online despite the delays and avoid the risk of loss revenue on the collection.

We have previously added pre-orders to our website, but it led to confusion for our customers and our internal teams. Purple Dot solved this and helped our pre-order strategy become way more successful!

Jennifer Ferguson

CEO & Founder, Handful

The Solution

With Purple Dot’s waitlist solution, Handful enabled pre-selling as an end-to-end experience across their Summer collection. Handful turned the pre-order drop into a marketable event, using ‘be the first’ as a value prop for their customers. The dedicated pre-order UX and checkout flow built customer trust around the pre-order experience, including crisp transparency of the longer lead time as well as the benefit of free self-service cancelation before it ships. And through Purple Dot’s unique technology, all pre-orders were held outside downstream systems until the product arrives, eliminating confusion in the warehouse and for internal teams.

The results

Handful avoided a crisis with their supply chain issues, selling 3 0% of the inventory before it arrived. Customers felt confident with the dedicated pre-order experience, as demonstrated through an outstanding 10% page-to-buy conversion. Internally, the warehouse never experienced the traditional confusion that plagues pre-orders across the industry -- because they never saw the orders in their systems until the shipment actually arrived. Waitlists powered by Purple Dot are now a strategic part of Handful’s modern DTC business. They know they don’t need product in the warehouse to sell it, only to ship it -- which opens up opportunities to sell more by selling earlier and to never go out of stock on their evergreens.

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