Purple Dot Overview

Looking to get started? See our Getting Started Guide to set up Purple Dot.

What is Purple Dot?

Purple Dot is a waitlist management platform. It allows you to sell even when you do not have stock. Purple Dot provides all of the tooling required to manage waitlists including the customer experience (display components and payments), the customer service flows (self service, dashboards and integrations), communications (email) and data (as events, visualisations and downloads).

Waitlists take an item from your existing catalogue, adding estimated ship dates as a date range, the number of units you are willing to pre-sell by SKU and (optionally) incentives. Purple Dot manages shoppers joining waitlists (checking out), leaving (cancelling), and the transition off the waitlist into regular orders when the product arrives in your warehouse.

Integration Overview

  • Purple Dot integrates as an extension of your existing e-commerce platform. For products that have a waitlist, it replaces your regular Add to Cart button with a Pre-order button that leads into a dedicated waitlist checkout experience.

  • The pre-order optimised checkout embeds in your site and facilitates the end-to-end checkout process for customers to join a waitlist, including payments and transactional emails. It supports single-item, multi-item, and mixed bag flows.

  • Funds are held by Purple Dot until pre-orders are exported to enable free cancellations, with the option to release the funds early for an extra charge.

  • Pre-orders are held by Purple Dot until you are ready to fulfil them (typically when the product arrives at your warehouse), at which point they are exported to your e-commerce platform and fulfilled as regular orders would be.

  • Pre-order cancellations are facilitated by Purple Dot. A cancellation can be done either by the customer using the self-service pre-order management page, or by customer service using the Purple Dot dashboard, at any point before the pre-order is exported.

  • Refunds for returned pre-orders are handled by Purple Dot, and can be issued by customer service from the Purple Dot dashboard. Optionally, refunds can be triggered automatically based on events from your e-commerce platform delivered as webhooks.

  • Purple Dot integrates seamlessly with your analytics, advertising and CRM tracking libraries. Events like conversions can be forwarded to any client library included on the page.